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I don’t even know what to say. It’s been a long time. Sorry if I’m a bit rusty. If you’re reading this you’re either a) nosy or b) committed to me in the sense of being a friend or family member and therefore feel an obligation to read my blog even if it’s just waffle and nonsense.

I’ll split this post into three parts to try and keep some kind of vague structure going, but I’m not gonna lie, this is going to be long. Here’s how I’ve been:

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Hoosier Hysteria – Meri Henriques Val

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The Details

Author: Meri Henriques Vahl

Genre/category: Biographies/memoirs, non-fiction

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Release date: 17th July 2018


In this biography, Meri Henriques Vahl remembers her college days, in the early 1960’s, at Indiana University. She arrives fresh from New York, ready for a new adventure, excited for what is to come. Little does she know that she will be confronted by issues from day one. Upon registration, the assistants at the desk are horrified to tell her she will have to share a dorm room with – gasp! – a black woman.

And, quickly, Meri realises how racism is deeply imbedded at Indiana University, and it will prove problematic as she tries to navigate through it with her friends.

It’s an interesting book, full of wonderful characters – I had to remind myself that they were real people, they were so full of personality. I enjoyed seeing life from the perspective of a young adult in the 1960’s – the struggle to decide what to study, the perplexing dating problems, that sort of thing. But, while Meri is busy navigating her new life, John Kennedy is assassinated, and the tensions escalate quickly.

It’s a timely read, given political tensions we are dealing with currently. I found it interesting that there was a lot of opposition and taking sides, which is obviously quite prevalent for today.

I’m so glad I read it – and would recommend to anyone who enjoys a good memoir.


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