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Reviews, interviews, and features

Ninty Media

I'm a staff writer at Ninty Media. We make beautiful print media on all things Nintendo. Here's what I've written for them:

Ninty Fresh Issue 08:

  • Cursed to Golf Review
  • Lumbearjack Review
  • Feature: WarioWare - Nintendo's Unlikely Cheerleader
  • Interview with Cursed to Golf director Liam Edwards

GAMEBOOK: The Unofficial DMG Companion

  • Feature: I Choose You (on Pokemon Red and Blue)

Ninsight Issue 00:

  • Feature: Ghosts in the Machine (on Miis, and grief)
  • Review: Pikmin 4
  • Second Opinion Review: Super Mario Bros. Wonder
  • Feature: The Legacy of EarthBound

Other Writing on Games


Reviews and lists

What's Hot Blog

I have contributed blog posts to What's Hot Blog, including the following:


Interviews, features, and reviews

I write for Anything Goes Lifestyle, for their blog and print magazine. I focus on motherhood, women's rights, and health and well being. Some of my favourite pieces there include:

I also blogged for a local youth organisation, Revealed Projects, about healthy relationships, consent, and friendships. A blog post for that was included in an educational book Respectful Relationships, which was a huge honour (and it's an amazing resource for teachers and parents/carers of young people, I really recommend checking it out).


Short stories, etc

I also dabble in fiction. To be honest I'm still working very hard at trying to, you know, not get rejection emails. Wish me luck!

But in 2022, I won the Aurora Literary Prize for my short story An Extraordinary Routine, which was a big honour, and I'd love for you to read it.