Need a Writer?

I’m Meg, and if you’re looking for a writer, I’d love to hear from you!

What I Can Offer You:

Do you need compelling content for your website? Interesting, funny, or informative blog posts? Do you want an interesting introduction to your business that will make people want to know more? I can help you out.

I write blog posts, articles, and information for businesses. I specialise in writing about motherhood and literature, but I’ve written about all sorts of subjects: body image and the media, wedding planning tips, product reviews …

Maybe you’ve got some specific points that you need to make but can’t make the words flow in the right way – I can help you to tweak that article or post. Maybe you need content on a certain subject but don’t have time to research all the details – I can do that, too!

Examples of my work:

I have written a series of blog posts for Revealed Projects, a local project working with young people. I have written about self-esteem, internet safety, healthy relationships, and more. Click here to see my work.

I also blog for the popular blogzine The Motherload. I’ve written about breastfeeding, being a stay at home mother, motherhood and chronic illness, and more. Click here to see my posts.

Contact Me:

If you want to connect with me, the best way is through email: drop me a line at I’m also on social media – Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. You can check out some of the work I’ve done on People Per Hour here.

Why I Write:

I’ve wanted to write ever since I was a kid. I fell in love with storytelling – to me, the way words on paper could transport you to another world was a kind of magic. I started writing stories at the age of five – and I haven’t really stopped since then.

Fast-forward quite a few years. At home with our first child and overwhelmed by motherhood, I wrote about it on my blog. One day, with trepidation, I shared one of my posts to my Facebook friends. To my amazement, they responded. My words connected with them, and I realised how much that meant to me. So I started studying for my degree in English Literature and Creative Writing, and I set up shop as a freelancer. Life is busy, but amazing, and I’m so grateful I get to do this as a job. I write from the heart – and I still believe that stories are magic.