Primrose Street – Marina L Reed

I am a book reviewer for NetGalley, which means I received this book for free in exchange for a review. Click here for more information.

The Details

Author: Marina L Reed

Genre/category: General fiction

Release date: 30th Oct 2018


Life on Primrose Street is busy – joys and sorrows, surprises and secrets, betrayal and new love all happen under the watch of the maple trees that line the street. A network of friends, family members and neighbours are relative strangers to each other, mostly living their own lives and not thinking much about each other – until they start to let each other in.

There is a particularly heartbreaking story line that sees the catastrophic effects in a family where the parents care more about their reputation than their children. In fact, lack of communication is something that the Maple trees see again and again.

Speaking of the trees – they’re presented as almost sentient, not able to communicate to the people, but certainly with each other, and they become their own character, watching the residents from above. It’s an interesting juxtaposition, of the trees, intensely connected to one another through their roots, alongside the people below, with their fractured relationships.

It’s a really interesting look at the complexities of human nature and the way we relate to each other – and very beautifully written. The only issue I had was keeping track of all the characters, as there were a lot of them – but other than that, I really enjoyed it. I look forward to reading more from Reed in the future.


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