Teach us to pray – Gordon T.Smith

The Details

Author: Gordon T.Smith

Genre/category: Non-fiction/Christian life

Where can I buy it? Here

Release date: 17th April 2018


There are a lot of books about prayer. Tons and tons of them. I’ve read a few. There have been points in my life in which I have found prayer the simplest, most natural thing. And there have been other times when I’ve struggled with it, and it seemed like a reasonable response to turn to a book.

This book is the one I could have done with finding years ago.

Teach Us To Pray is a direct book. It doesn’t waffle. It doesn’t go off on tangents. It explains what it needs to explain clearly and left me feeling informed and prepared, as opposed to overwhelmed and a bit confused.

The book covers three main principles – thanksgiving, confession, and discernment. Smith explains each of these briefly, and then in detail, explaining how each one is vital to deepen and enrich our prayer lives. Smith is obviously very well informed, but he makes it simple to understand.

It’s a small book, but sometimes less is more. Smith’s words drove me to want to pray more, which is probably the best praise I can give it. I’d recommend it anyone who needs a boost in their prayer life, or a reminder of what the basics are.


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