Gospel Here and Now – John Greco

I am a book reviewer for NetGalley, which means I received this book for free in exchange for a review. Click here for more information.

The Details

Author: John Greco

Genre/category: Christian life/devotional

Release date: 22nd March 2018


Full disclaimer – I’m still reading this book, as it is a six week devotional, and I don’t like to leave my NetGalley books too long before I review them. I’m reviewing this based on what I have read so far. If I come across anything of note, I’ll adjust this review and let you know. But, honestly, I’m enjoying it so much so far, I don’t think my feelings towards it will change much!

Gospel Here and Now is a book of daily readings set over six weeks. The main premise of the book – which you might be able to tell from the title! – is to remind the reader of the relevance of the gospel in day to day life.

It covers six promises of the gospel:

Creation: God Is Up To Something New

Relation: God Draws Near

Salvation: God Rescues His People

Nation: God Brings His Kingdom

Formation: God Makes Us More Like Jesus

Restoration: God Offers Peace and Rest

It covers a lot of ground, exploring promises from Genesis all the way through to Revelation. Greco emphasises the importance of knowing the whole story of scripture so as to better understand our place within it.

Each day’s reading is quite long – roughly ten pages on my Kindle – so if, like me, you attempt a devotional reading whilst shovelling in breakfast, in between feeding and dressing your kids and unloading the dishwasher and opening the curtains and finding school bags and so on, you might not be able to read it all in one sitting. However, it’s a good reason to wake up a little earlier in the day, if you are that way inclined. It would be a lot wiser to wake up and read this in bed for fifteen minutes as opposed to waking up and grabbing your phone. (I say this as a person with Phone Attachment Issues myself.)

All this is besides the point for me. I’ve been sleep deprived for years. If I have an opportunity for a lie-in, my body leaps at it whether I like it or not. I’ve been reading it throughout the day, coming back to it when I have a few moments’ peace, and that works pretty well.

It also has a few prompts at the end of each day – questions to get you thinking about the days’ reading and how it connects to your own life. These are really vital if you want to engage with the Gospels in your day to day life. Again, if I had more time, I’d quite like to sit and journal these questions each day, but life gets in the way. Just pondering these questions for a moment helps me to connect what I’ve read with my life, however.

Greco is a great writer, and he expertly links personal stories into Bible stories and then explores the meaning in a way that is engaging and interesting. Ultimately, I’d recommend this for Christians who need a fresh look at how the gospel impacts every single moment of our lives – and how important it is to understand it. It’s proving to be really useful to me so far.


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