Adventuring, and other things we lose when we grow up

If you’re reading this then you have arrived at my shiny new blog! Yay!

It was a big decision (for me, anyway) to relocate to a new place, mostly because I am a creature of habit and I like things to be comfortable and familiar, and frankly, WordPress scared the crap out of me. But you know, four years is a long time to run a blog. I had reached the end of what I wanted to say there, and I couldn’t figure out what I wanted going forward and how to put that across, so I figured a clean break might be best.

A clean break. Looking ahead to the future.

I’m not a ten-year-plan person. I’m not even really a one-year-plan person, really. This has its obvious drawbacks. One of them is that the thought of facing something new is quite scary because I haven’t got a path clearly mapped ahead of me.

Over the summer, I enjoyed some blog-free time, mostly by catching up on the one thousand jobs I had to do around the house in my determined effort to simplify and reduce what we have. I also enjoyed a lot of time with my daughter. I decided, one day, that we were going to go exploring.

‘Where are we going?’ she asked, new shoes firmly strapped on, a skip in her step.

‘I don’t know.’ I said.


‘Just because.’

We meandered down nature trails. We found bumblebees and blackberries and lavender. We found dark tunnels made of interlocking tree branches. We found a lot of rubbish dumped out of sight. We found fancy houses and decided which ones we liked the best. I let Jellybean decide which direction to take. Left or right?

‘Left,’ she said firmly, ‘It’s my favourite direction.’

So we went left. Obviously we went in a massive circle. I showed Jellybean Google maps on my phone. We followed the blue wiggly line to home. Jellybean walked for an epic hour and a half because I forgot the buggy board and she didn’t complain once.

‘That was sooo much fun! Can we do it again tomorrow?’

Exploring. Wandering. Adventuring. Just because.

We don’t often do things as adults ‘just because.’

The year ahead scares me a little bit because I know I need to start working. Not because we are desperate financially (although a little extra is always, obviously, welcome). It’s because the time is right for me. Being a stay at home Mum is magical and wonderful and sometimes teeth-grindingly frustrating and hard. I have reached the point where I would quite to do something new. I would also quite like Chris to see more of his children.

I am ready for something new.

And I am ready for new things for the blog too. I want to go back to my roots in terms of exploring my faith and spirituality, as well as exploring what it means to be a woman now and how I feel raising two small children in a sometimes scary and unfriendly world. I want to speak to other people and have them share their experiences. I want to be honest and true and, as I have quoted about before, ‘write hard and clear about what hurts’. I have learnt a lot from the past four years, and I’ve changed a lot in that time – through early years of marriage, through pregnancy, motherhood, illness, and the rest.

Thank you for being with me then, if you’ve been reading this whole time.

I hope you’ll come with me on this new journey too.

2 thoughts on “Adventuring, and other things we lose when we grow up

  1. What a lovely post! It’s so much fun to just relax and let the kids lead the day sometimes, to explore and watch how they can find delight in the simplest of things. Looking forward to following your new blog x

    Liked by 1 person

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